BootUp is an intensive business development program that ends with a DemoDay where you get to pitch to investors. The program runs for three months and starts twice a year, in February and September. Ten to twelve startups are selected to participate in the program with the goal of creating a foundation for the problem solution and access methods and tools to develop and be able to scale up within product development, sales, and market.

The program

The program includes lectures and coaching, both individually and in groups, as well as professional feedback as you work on your tech startup. Most program sessions are held in groups, but there is also space for individual work and feedback, normally on Thursday afternoons.

We don’t expect you to build a scalable business model in three months, but we do want you to have a solid foundation to build on. The first step is to validate your problem solving, that is, identify a challenging customer problem and a relevant solution for the intended customer.

The goal of BootUp is to help you create a foundation for your problem solving from multiple aspects—business, environmental and social—so that your idea can improve the world and benefit your growth. At LEAD, ensuring sustainability values for society is important, therefore it is necessary to work on how your new technology is used and for what purpose, as well as how your innovation can deliver sustainability in a digitalized world.

The next round of BootUp will start in September 2022.

The selection process will be done on an ongoing basis.

To be selected to LEAD BootUp, you need to be a member.

Offering and expectations

LEAD BootUp is suitable for you who:

  • Have identified a clear problem they want to solve.
  • Have an idea for a solution and the resources to move forward.
  • Have a team of at least two people, one of whom has time to focus on developing the idea.
  • Is a member of LEAD. To work with us, you need to become a member. You apply for a membership when you apply for BootUp.
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What is included in BootUp?

  • Seminars and workshops in various areas, such as branding, law, financing, sales and more.
  • Continuous group coaching and individual feedback sessions
  • Feedback and networking activities
  • Access to conference room, printer, WiFi and free coffee.

Our ambition is that during BootUp, you will:

  • Validate customer and user needs.
  • Identify and verify the Minimum Viable Product (MVP)
  • Become ready to move forward and build your company.
  • Create a foundation and domain knowledge to help you sell your idea.

Of course, there are some criteria for members:

  • Business idea potential: Solving a large and important problem must offer the potential for high growth and scalability, and it must be possible to build a company in an international market.
  • Enthusiasm: You must possess significant drive as an idea bearer and entrepreneur.